The Inspectorate’s approach (description of our supervisory activities)

Our supervision is based on five principles.

  1. Improving the quality of the education system
  2. The responsibilities of the school governing board
  3. Assuring quality
  4. Promoting quality
  5. Proportionality and customization

The inspection works with various frameworks covering the education system as a whole. There is a framework for the individual schools and educational institutions and a framework for governing bodies of schools and educational institutions.

System level

Society has a great interest in a well-functioning education system. That is the reason why we are looking at how the system develops. By zooming in on different levels we want to help make education better.

By system-level quality, we mean the degree to which all school governing bodies and schools, working with and alongside each other, contribute to achieving the core functions of education for all pupils. Together, they ensure that these core functions of education – qualification, socialization and allocation, including selection and equal opportunities – are fulfilled successfully and in a balanced manner.

Board level

The governing bodies play a central role in our supervision. They are responsible for the quality of education and managing the financing of their schools and institutions. It is their duty to monitor whether their schools and institutions are doing well and to promote quality improvement. Therefore, we inspect the quality assurance and financial management of these governing bodies.

School level

We digitally analyze all schools every year, and when major risks are detected the schools and institutions are inspected. Furthermore we visit a sample of schools and new founded schools. The key standards that determine the overall judgement are always assessed, often expanded with additional standards, depending on the risks.