Confidential Inspectors

A small team of inspectors at the Inspectorate of Education has a special task alongside their regulatory responsibilities: they are also Confidential Inspectors. The members of this team are also Confidential Inspectors for the childcare sector and the Caribbean Netherlands.

When might you need to contact a Confidential Inspector?

Parents, pupils, teachers, administrators, governing bodies and confidential counsellors may contact the Inspectorate’s Confidential Inspectors to discuss problems they are encountering at school in the areas of:

  • sexual harassment and sexual abuse (sexual offenses)
  • psychological and physical violence
  • discrimination and radicalization

Complaints falling in the categories mentioned above may be submitted to the Confidential Inspector, who will listen, inform and advise as necessary. Your report will be registered in a confidential file that only the Confidential Inspector may access. If necessary, the Confidential Inspector may also advise you on the process of submitting a formal complaint or filing a police report. If there is a suspicion of sexual abuse (sexual offense), a reporting obligation may apply in certain cases. You can reach the Confidential Inspectors at: 0900 111 3 111 (on working days between 8.00 and 17.00 o’clock).