Complaints about the Inspectorate

The Inspectorate of Education endeavours to assist and serve everyone as capably as possible. In spite of our best efforts, things can still go wrong from time to time. If you are dissatisfied by the way you have been treated by the Inspectorate of Education, you may file a complaint.

Submitting a complaint

You may submit your complaint to the Inspector-General of Education. The first step will be to attempt to reach a resolution together. If this fails, your complaint will be submitted to an independent complaints committee for handling.

Handling your complaint

The process of handling your complaint starts when you submit it to the Inspector-General of Education. The document you send must contain a description of your complaint, your name and address, the date of dispatch and your signature. Send your complaint to:

Netherlands Inspectorate of Education

attn: Inspector-General of Education

P.O. Box 2730

3500 GS Utrecht

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your complaint within two weeks. Your complaint will be resolved within ten weeks of receipt. An extension may be required in some cases, though this will never be for more than four weeks and you will be duly informed in writing.

Independent complaints committee

The Inspectorate of Education will endeavour to resolve your complaint together with you. If this fails, then your complaint will be submitted to an independent complaints committee. This committee will consider both sides prior to submitting an advisory report to the Inspector-General of Education. The Inspector-General will make the final decision and inform you forthwith.

The following are members of the complaints committee:

Mr G. Dam (chair, appointed until 1 September 2020)

Mr H.R. Zijlstra (appointed until 1 September 2020)

Ms G.W.M. Houben-van IJzendoorn (appointed until 1 September 2019)

Ms I.M. Pieters (appointed until 1 August 2019)

Mr E.W. de Jong (appointed until 1 February 2019)

Ms F. Deug (appointed until 1 May 2021)