The inspectorate’s judgements

If a school meets the statutory requirements for basic quality, then the school will be judged to be ‘adequate’. If they fail to meet the basic quality requirements, they will be judged to be ‘inadequate’. These schools may even be judged to be ‘very weak’ if they perform below the applicable statutory standard. The inspection framework for each educational sector indicates when the judgement will be adequate, inadequate or very weak. These judgments are new and apply from 1 August 2017. In addition to these judgements, the inspection may award a school a rating of ‘Good’.

A more comprehensive approach

In short, the new method of regulation primarily means that we take a more comprehensive approach to assessing whether a school meets the requirements for basic quality. Previously we looked at the yield, the educational results and specific components of the educational process. Now we also take safety into account, along with the school’s system for monitoring pupil development, among other factors. In addition, we link our judgements more directly to the question of whether schools are compliant with statutory requirements. This may also result in a judgement of ‘inadequate’, even if the school in question had previously been judged as ‘adequate’, having met all basic quality standards.

Rating of ‘Good’ on request

Finally, schools may also submit a request for a rating of ‘Good’. This is not a judgement but an assessment, for judgements are only given based on statutory requirements. A rating is based on the school’s own ambitions and its related achievements. The purpose of such an assessment is to encourage governing bodies and schools to pursue even greater quality improvements.

The governing body may nominate a school to be taken into consideration for a rating of ‘Good’. This can only be done if the school meets the basic quality standards and if the school has made demonstrable progress toward achieving its ambitions. We only conduct an inspection to determine whether a school is worthy of a rating of ‘Good’ on special request.


The request must be accompanied by a self-evaluation conducted by the school. This self-evaluation must be of recent date and reliable, and it must conform to the quality requirements. Only then will we decide whether to conduct the assessment. The inspection framework specifies the standards that a school must meet to receive a rating of ‘Good’.

The school’s ambitions

When conducting the assessment, the Inspectorate examines various factors, including the school’s ambitions – its own specific quality aspects – as detailed in the school plan and that transcend the basic quality standards. On request, we provide feedback on our assessment of the school’s progress in meeting its own quality aspects. Upon conclusion of the inspection, the school may receive a rating of ‘Good’.

List of judgements for schools/programmes as of 1 August 2017

  • Very weak
  • Inadequate
  • Adequate
  • Rating of ‘good’

List of judgements for schools/programmes prior to 1 August 2017

  •  Very weak
  •  Weak
  •  Basic arrangement