Inspection of other organisations by the Dutch Inspectorate

Second line ínspection of childcare

Young children should feel safe and be given the space to develop. Municipalities therefore have the task of guaranteeing the quality of childcare and toddler playgrounds. The Dutch Inspectorate supervises the performance of the tasks of municipalities (inter-administrative supervision). Our goal is to promote the performance of municipalities and thus help to further improve the quality of childcare and toddler playgrounds. The report is sent to the Parliament.

Inspection of pre-school and early childhood education pupils with a (language) developmental delay (VVE)

Pre-school and early childhood education (VVE) is intended for toddlers and preschoolers with a (language) developmental delay. The Dutch Inspectorate assesses the quality of VVE in daycare centers (pre-schools) and primary schools (early years) and examines whether agreements have been made in the municipality about VVE.

Inspection of higher education

The Dutch Inspectorate assesses and promotes the quality of higher education on a systemic level. We also monitor financial legitimacy, efficiency and continuity and compliance with legal regulations by higher education institutions. In the event of serious incidents, we can initiate an investigation at an institution for higher education.