Maybe you are about to find and choose a suitable school for your children or maybe you are a professional in the educational system curious about the quality of schools in comparison to the one you are working at.

Find and compare schools

On the Dutch website of the Inspectorate of Education, you can find an interactive map containing the primary and secundary schools, schools for special education and higher education in The Netherlands. If there are reports and quality assessments to be found on schools, this is where you will find them outlined per school. 

Since the interactive map is on a Dutch website, we will explain on this page how to use the interactive map, how to find schools in your area and how to compare a number of schools. You can find help and expectations below the picture.

Search and find schools

Find schools near your location

On the top of the map you can fill out your city, town or village in the search box that states 'zoeken', after clicking on the looking glass the map will zoom in on all the schools in that area.  On the left side you can filter the distance from your chosen location at 'Filter op afstand'.

Adjusting the filters

On the left of the page you see several possibilities to filter your search result (Verfijn resultaten). You can adjust the following filters:


With this filter you can switch between different types of education, you can choose from the following:

Basisonderwijs (primary schools)
Speciaal basisonderwijs (primary schools, special education)
Speciaal onderwijs (special needs education)
Voortgezet onderwijs (secundary school)
Middelbaar beroepsonderwijs (secondary vocational education)
Hoger onderwijs (higher education)
Basisonderwijs buitenland (primary schools abroad)
Voortgezet onderwijs buitenland (secundary schools, abroad)
Onderwijs Caribisch Nederland (schools in the Dutch Carribean)
Samenwerkingsverband (collaborations)
Bestuursgegevens (boards)

Kwaliteit oordeel

The Quality Judgement function allows you to filter schools and boards based on the judgements made by the Inspectorate. The following are the judgments that schools can receive: 'sufficient', 'insufficient' or 'very weak'. If they have not been rated, the box reads ‘no judgement’ or ‘without current judgement’. Prior to 1 August 2017, schools and departments were given the judgement ‘basic regulation’, ‘weak’ or ‘very weak’. Judgements given to schools before 1 August 2017 remain visible until the board has been assessed. As of 1 August 2017, boards that are inspected will receive a judgement about quality assurance and financial management.


The choices under Denominatie filter the religious or ideological stand of the school. 'Openbaar' means public school where pupils from all religions, or without religion, are welcome, though the others may have a preference towards catholic, protestant or other religions.

Pedagogische richting

Some schools base their teaching on specific educational ideas, such as the Montessori, Dalton, Freinet or Jenaplan method. With this filter you can select a specific educational idea, if you like.

Comparing schools

The schools that match your search criteria will be presented in the center of the page, immediately showing the quality assesment in green, orange or red. If you click the + next to the word 'Vergelijk' (compare) you can select this school to be compared to other schools. After selecting a maximum of 3 schools you press the black 'Vergelijken' (compare) button on the top right of the page to compare the schools.