System Supervision

The supervision of the quality of education does not only focus on the supervision of governing bodies and their schools, but also on the supervision of the school system in its entirety. In order to examine how a specific sector is functioning and how the school system as a whole is functioning, we conduct reviews at schools and institutions, and collect relevant information from various (academic) sources.

These systematic and thematic reviews are carried out in addition to the inspections of governing bodies, schools and institutions. They provide input for the annual State of Education report and in some cases, for individual publications at the system level, such as theme reports.

Systematic reviews and thematic reviews

Each year, we select themes we would like to focus on based on the supervisory and review data, and trends and developments in education. These themes can either be cross-sectoral or sector-specific. We then decide on the best way to draw attention to the chosen themes. This may include conducting a thematic review, holding a congress or a webinar, or publishing a brochure. The chosen method is stipulated in our Annual Operational Plan. Should we choose to conduct a thematic review, this may be done as part of or in addition to the quadrennial  four yearly inspection of governing bodies.

In some cases, we also review the standards from the inspection frameworks for each sector in order to gain insight into the quality of these standards at the system level. The results of the systematic and thematic reviews are included in our annual report on the State of Education.

Examples of themes

  • Vulnerable pupil groups in the system: opportunities and obstacles (cross-sectoral)
  • Social quality (cross-sectoral)
  • Dyslexia (primary education)