Regulation of financial management

The Inspectorate’s regulation of financial management is an integral part of the regulation of educational quality. This means that we examine the financial management of every governing body in primary and secondary education (including intermediate vocational education) every four years.

Regulation of financial management focuses on the following questions:

  •  Is the governing body’s financial condition sound enough for it to continue to provide good education? (continuity of education)
  • Do the institutions receive the maintenance funding they are entitled to, and are their expenditures proper and correct? (the legitimacy of the acquisition and expenditure of maintenance funding) 

Educational audit protocol

With regard to financial regulation, the Inspectorate relies on the annual accountant’s audit of the educational institution. To this end, we prepare an educational audit protocol which specifies points for specific scrutiny during the annual audit.

Financial regulation reports

You will find our reports under Zoek Scholen on the Dutch-language website. You can use the name of the governing body as a search term. You will find a link to the governing body in the school’s entry. This section of the website is only available in Dutch. See the Find Schools page on the English-language site for an explanation of how you can use Zoek Scholen on the Dutch site.